Rensizzle Students: (16 Students)
Mohammed Alam
Stephanie Apolaya
Melanie Arias
Hassan Ayadi
Sam Boyes
Allesandra Candia
Steve Cosquillo
Nicholas Cortez
Genesis Garcia
Erick Herrera
Melanie Mata
Murray Melnick
Kayla Palin
Chase Reinhardt
Sabrina Testi
Karina Zepeda

Overview of schedule:

Monday– Howes Cavern
Tuesday- Water testing the NYC DEP
Wednesday- Cannoning on the Bronx river
Thursday- Hiking in Bear Mountain

What we did each day:

On Monday we visited Howes Cavern and learnt about the geoligacal formations- We learnt that water created the entire cavern, and that caves have a constant temperature of 52 degrees.
There were many different formations in the cave all made out of calcite. They form when water picks up sediment and as the water runs across the rocks dropping the sediment and over time the sediments harden


Tuesday (New York Department of Environmental Protection):
On Tuesday we met up with Shino, a marine biologist, that helped us to determine whether or not the Hudson River was clean and habitable for life. By finding the PH level, which was 6.5, we were able to conclude that the river was close to clean. By finding the specific gravity of the river, using a precision hydrometer, we were able to also conclude that the river was almost clean. The reason why the river is filthy and polluted, is because of waste being thrown into the river by people. The green, mucky color we saw from the water, showed how algae as well as other plants were able to grow from within. This meant that the river was full of life.

We went to the Bronx River to learn how to kayak and learn about the environment. Our instructor, Rebecca, taught us that the river was so dirty before, but now there are people working to protect the environment by implementing garbage collectors. They collect garbage every week and make the river cleaner so that we can enjoy the water.


On Thursday our group went on a two hour nature hike through Bear Mountain. While on our hike it started to heavily rain. As we ascended through the trail the rain stomped because we passed the clouds. We soon found out that the real tedious part was the short but hard path down. The main problem was the possibility of slipping on the wet rocks and the large amount of leaves on the ground.


Displaying 20161024_130204.jpg
Displaying 20161024_130204.jpg

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bear mtn trail map.PNG
bear mtn trail map.PNG

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